Engaged couples dream of their wedding day for years, plan it for months and before they know it, their special day is over in a few hours.

At Bliss Nuptials and Events, we understand the importance of making those few precious hours count as our team has the experience, passion and are committed to planning and producing seamlessly beautiful and stylish weddings.

Our Purpose is to help make your wedding day memorable, personalised, perfect with unrivalled finesse. 
Our Principle is what makes us unique.


We believe that by developing a close relationship with you, we are able understand your true desires and personality to ensure your wedding leaves your guests truly amazed and your celebration seen as "gold standard" in celebrations.

Our Passion is that your event is full of laughter, happiness and joy that you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. 


This is our purpose. This is our passion. This is our promise.


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